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003 - Festival Of Music DVD - Thursday, September 14th 7:30pm

003 - Festival Of Music DVD - Thursday, September 14th 7:30pm

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Festival Of Music DVD - Thursday, September 14th 7:30pm 

Presented by: Primary Schools Music Festival

The  Primary Schools Music Festival (PSMF) is a school-based music education program open to all South Australian public primary schools.

Over 600 staff and volunteers are involved in delivering the program which provides high quality learning for over 11,000 DECD students performing to an annual audience of over 30,000.

In a move reminiscent of the 1,000 Voice Choir of yesteryear, the Festival will be moving to the Adelaide Entertainment Centre whilst another State Icon, The Festival Theatre, is undergoing refurbishment.

There are Festival Choirs in over 300 schools across South Australia, in addition to two Orchestras and two Performance Troupes in metropolitan Adelaide.  The Festival also showcases soloists and ensembles from public primary and secondary schools.

The concert series provides many opportunities for our young public school students to experience a once-in-a-lifetime professional performance on a world-class stage.